How to become a contributor

If you would like to support educational fund and help talented youth to get a quality education, join our commune of Visionaries. You can easily become a contributor by choosing a one-time donation or a monthly package.

*Please note that all the administrative costs of the educational fund are financed only by the founders and the funds received from external contributors will totally serve the needs of our beneficiaries.

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* When making a single payment, the amount you have credited should not exceed 1000 GEL. In case you wish to donate more, please kindly use the following bank details for your transaction: JSC "TBC Bank" GE92TB7473136080100003

Your support matters

We all know that good education is one of the most important parts of the human development process, providing us with the possibility to become a successful member of modern society. Unfortunately due to the heavy economical background of our country the largest part of our youth does not have access to quality education. As a result, we lose talented people every year who, if given the right support in a timely manner, could have created additional wealth and prosperity in the long run for their own families as well as for the whole country.

Your support matters - Join our commune of Visionaries today to ensure the rapid development of human capital in Georgia.