How to become a contributor

If you want to contribute to the activities of the educational foundation and together help talented young people to acquire a profession and get a quality education, join the idea! Become a contributor and together change the lives of talented people for the better! You can start with a single donation, or with a monthly transfer.

* The administrative and office expenses of the fund are financed by the founders! The funds received from external donors are fully directed to finance the needs of the beneficiaries! Such an approach makes it completely transparent and easy to responsibly spend the funds raised by contributors. No amount will be deducted from the amount taken by the contributor and will be spent on the beneficiary.

Please kindly sign in to apply for the partnership package.

Donate Now

* When making a single payment, the amount you have credited should not exceed 1000 GEL. In case you wish to donate more, please kindly use the following bank details for your transaction: JSC "TBC Bank" GE92TB7473136080100003

Your support matters

We believe that a high level of education is a prerequisite for the development of a person as an individual and society in general. Unfortunately, due to difficult economic conditions, quality education is not available to the vast majority of young people in our country. Georgia loses talented people every year. People who have good mental abilities and motivation, however, due to lack of financial resources, are deprived of this goodness. With your support, we will be able to help each such person to use their opportunities, to acquire a profession, to be employed in accordance with their interests, to create wealth and prosperity for themselves and their families, as well as for society.

Join us! Together we will create a powerful commune of visionaries, which will ensure the rapid development of human capital in Georgia and the improvement of the social background.

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