The Foundation actively works in three main areas: funding bachelor’s, master’s, and vocational programs. It’s an absolute pleasure to introduce you our beneficiaries who have won Visionary funding to change the future:

Luka Imnadze - Visionary

Vladimer Grdzelishvili - Visionary

Elene Iskrenko - Visionary

Tamar Lolomadze - Visionary

Dimitri Natchkebia - Visionary

Enrike Ispirov - Visionary

Mariam Nosikova - Visionary

Chinara Kojaeva - Visionary

Memorandum Signed With SOS Childrens's Villages Georgia.

We are happy to announce that in February 2021, official memorandum has been signed with SOS Childrens's Villages Georgia to support beneficiaries of the organization with educational funding.

Bachelor Funding

We have launched bachelor funding program for the highly motivated existing and prospective students to receive the high quality education wherever they desire on the territory of Georgia.

Masters Funding

We have added Masters funding program to support youth in continuing their studies on the higher level.