Terms of cooperation:

The website www.visionary.ge is the property of the educational foundation NNLE “Visionary” .

Visionary is an educational donor organization that provides access to education for young people who do not have the financial means to do so.

In case of registration on the site, the user fully agrees with the terms of cooperation set by the NNLE “Visionary”.

NNLE “Visioner” reserves the right to periodically update or change the terms of cooperation without sending additional notifications. The latest version of the terms of cooperation can be found at the following link: https://visionary.ge/terms 

1. At the time of registration, the user must provide accurate information.
2. The user bears full responsibility and liability for the protection and use of his account. In case of unauthorized use of the account or violation of security norms, the user undertakes to immediately notify the administration of the website about the violation in a timely manner. For maximum protection, the user is obliged to log out of his account after completing the work in the system.
3. The user is responsible for any information and activities that will be carried out through his account.

How we use the information you provide:
1. To communicate with you;
2. To receive advice or recommendations regarding the activities of the Foundation;
3. To make and manage one-time / monthly payments;

Registration is free for any user.

Customers have the opportunity to contribute to the activities of the foundation in the following ways:
One-time donation – One-time donation is possible from the website (without registration).
Note: The amount of a single donation should not exceed 1000 GEL. In case you want to transfer a larger amount, please make a transaction using the following bank details: JSC “TBC Bank” GE92TB7473136080100003

Activation of status – The user has the opportunity to activate one of the 5 statuses, as a result of which he will be deducted the amount determined by the status at the end of each month.

Donation statuses and amounts:
● “Devotee” – 20 GEL
● “Supporter” – 50 GEL
● “Partner” – 100 GEL
● “Sponsor” – 200 GEL
● “Golden Sponsor” – 500 GEL

Refund Policy:
Payments received by the education foundation are not refundable.

Information security:

We take special responsibility for security issues and take a number of steps to protect our personally identifiable information. The user has no right to disclose his / her account name and password to a third party. In case of any doubtabout the dissemination of such information, the user is obliged to change the password.

The user is obliged to immediately notify the website administration of any possible attempt to hack the account or security breach.

Please note:
at the time of any type of donation made on the Website, you do not enter your personal credit card details on our site, therefore your credit card information is not available to us and we do not store this data. Your credit card is under the control of our partner bank.

Unfortunately, any data transmission over the Internet or wireless network cannot be absolutely and guaranteed guaranteed. We take commercially sound security measures to protect data, and we also seek to establish links only with organizations that address the issue in the same way.

By agreeing to the terms of cooperation you:
● Confirm that the information provided during registration is accurate and truthful;
● Confirm that the information was provided of your own free will;

All users registered in the system are responsible in accordance with the legislation of Georgia for the legal consequences of all the actions performed by them in the system. The system administration is not responsible for any action taken by the user in the procurement system and for any damage caused by this action.

The terms of use of the system are regulated by the legislation of Georgia. The parties unequivocally acknowledge that any dispute arising out of or in connection with the Terms or the legal relationship set forth in these Terms and Conditions shall be dealt with in accordance with the laws of Georgia. Procurement system administration reserves the right to file a lawsuit against a user who violates the terms of service of the system.

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